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Central Heating

Whether replacing an old central heating system or installing a brand new one from scratch, we can provide the complete service to ensure that you can enjoy a warm house and hot water all year round.

If your current central heating system is over 10 years old you could be wasting money on your heating bills compared to newer efficient systems. By replacing your old central heating system with one of our new energy efficient systems you could cut up to 40% off your heating bills.

Renewable Energy Specialists

Reducing your carbon footprint and saving money has never been easier. SP Energy Solutions specialize in energy saving and renewable energy products. By simply upgrading your boiler to a new energy efficient boiler you could use 39% less gas. Fitting a heat recycling unit to your existing boiler could save 52% on gas. Install solar panels in your home and your gas usage for hot water could reduce by up to 60%. Call today and start saving 0123456789

Renewable technologies use the earth’s sustainable resources to produce power. Natural energy such as wind, water and sunlight produces much less environmentally damaging greenhouse gases than non renewable fossil fuels that are used in more traditional energy systems.

Once a system is installed, customers can benefit from abundant sources of free energy for years to come, helping reduce climate change and save money on fuel bills.

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